Culinary Tourism

Culinary/Food Tourism is a subset of cultural tourism as cuisine is a manifestation of culture. Food tourism is a way for locals and tourists to become immersed in the culture and heritage of a destination, making the experience memorable in a completely unique and personal way. The success of this sector of the tourism industry is linked to an increasingly noticeable trend among the growing number of travellers who seek authentic cultural experiences through food and history.

Opportunities for Food & Beverage Providers

For all businesses linked to food, culture and tourism, this could not be a better opportunity for restaurants (and other food & beverage providers) wanting to gain greater visibility and attract more customers. South Florida Black Restaurant Week is designed to help position our food & beverage partners to attract more exposure as well as dollars from locals and tourists.

According to the Global Report on Food Tourism by the World Tourism Organization, the average tourist spends around a third of their vacation budget on food. This shows the degree to which culinary tourism is involved with a visitor's in-destination experience.